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Wind Ridge Cottage Riverston


Wind Ridge Cottage Riverston is located in a beautiful location in a small village surrounded by mountains in the middle of the World Heritage Knuckles Reserve, facing the Manigala mountain.
Things you can see and walk around Riverston
Ø Babarakiri Ella waterfall
Ø Riverston Tower
Ø Pitawala Pathana & Mini World’s End
Ø Manigala Mountain Tracking
Ø Wedda Pani Ella Waterfall
Ø Sera Ella Waterfall
Ø Pitawala View Point
Ø Walpolamulla Tracking (South Asia smallest Village)
Ø Kalugaga Reservoir and Dam
Ø Moragahakanda Reservoir
Call for more information or Booking
0772 213 313
Package Details
1. LKR 18000/= for 11 People Cottage only with cook
Ø Comfortable Bed room
Ø Attach Bathroom
Ø Safety Parking space
Ø Hot Water



  • 11 People Cottage only with cook

    11 People Cottage only with cook

    Rs. 18,000.00

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